How to Date the Master's Artist in 5 Days

Question_mark_naught101_01 I know we've been seeing each other for some time now, but I'm not sure we were ever really properly introduced. After all, every great relationship has to start somewhere. The Master's Artist has been around for a while, but we may very well have skipped some of the debatable preliminaries. With that in mind, we're asking you out. Yes, of course on a date! Well, actually a series of first dates. You...have been on a first date before, right?

Sure, you remember how it's done. We tell you a few things about ourselves, then you can respond and maybe tell us a few things about yourself. We'll take it slow, get to know each other better. How bad could it be? We already like each other–I mean, we've been meeting here pretty regularly for the past–gosh, how long has it been?

Besides, this is a group date–very low risk. None of that awkward one-on-one time to worry about. We won't ask you back to our place, and we promise not to introduce you to our parents. At least, not intentionally.

If the idea of a date is still too intimidating, then let's just be friends. That's all most of our spouses will allow anyway. We've got a few ice-breakers lined up, but don't let us monopolize the conversation either–we're kind of bad about that. We're writers–and we love great dialogue! A conversation by any other name is just a lecture.

What do you say? Next week? Monday sound good? Tell you what, we'll meet here Monday, talk a little bit, and ease into this thing. If all goes well, we're free on Tuesday as well. Come to think of it, our collective Franklins, Day Runners, iPhones and other various PDAs are all surprisingly clear for the entire week. You don't have to give us your answer right away. Just save it for Monday! Click here to start our date.Click here t »


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